Business Investments

PAP carries out investments in business projects with the aim of developing the competitive edge of companies in Latvia and abroad, as well as benefit from their successful operation. PAP has mainly invested in energy, transport, transit, logistics and agricultural sectors. These industries in Latvia have been historically effective and profitable with strong development opportunities. Such conditions have allowed PAP to predict the return on investment in the long run.


“INPO 21” Ltd. has made significant investments in multisector holding company “MULTI CAPITAL HOLDINGS” (MCH), the investments of which are currently directed in two basic areas – transit and real estate.

A business investment in the enterprise “Port Transport Services” Ltd.

PAP company “INPO 4” Ltd. has invested in the company through acquisition of 45 % of company's shares.

Business investment in “Ogres piens” Ltd. (“Ogres Piens”)

PAP Company “INPO 20” Ltd. has made an investment in “Ogres piens” by purchasing 48.9% of the capital shares of the enterprise.

Business investment in “LAP1R” Ltd.

PAP Company “INPO17” Ltd. has bought 67% of the capital shares of “LAP1R”.

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