Real Estate Projects

A capital investment in “Riga Yacht Centre “Andrejosta”” (YC “Andrejosta”)

PAP Company “INPO 1” Ltd. has acquired 60.35% of the capital shares of YC “Andrejosta”.

A capital investment in a real estate, “Jahtu serviss “Andrejosta”” – YS “Andrejosta”.

PAP Company “INPO 2” Ltd. owns 54% of the capital shares of YS “Andrejosta”.

PAP company “INPO 6” Ltd. owns 100% of the capital shares of “Beverīnas īpašumi” Ltd.

"Beverīnas īpašumi" operates in the sector of real estate and facilitates regional investments. The Company owns land estates in the Krāslava, Liepāja, and Tukums districts.

Capital investment in “Baltā kāpa” Ltd. (the White Dune)

PAP Company “INPO 11” Ltd. has acquired 50% of the capital shares of “Baltā kāpa”.

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